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The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Welcome! Coconuts are a topic which has spread all over Sri Lanka dramatically due to the increase of prices. As we know we Sri Lankans use coconut for most of the food we eat. For food like Milk rice, Pol rotti and for curries like Dhal curry, Chicken curry, Pumpkin curry and the Sri Lankan famous sambol the Coconut sambol. So by reading this we can see most of the food we eat coconut is needed as mentioned before.
From the benefits we can take from coconut, Coconut Oil is one of the main benefits we can think of or come through. As we talk of coconut oil, it is not only used for cooking various food items but also as nutrition for the hair. Coconut
Oil strengthens our hair root and also makes it soft as most of the women likes. So as you know we mainly knew only main types of benefits of coconut oil such as when cooking food or as nutrition for the hair. There are also other main benefits of Coconut oil as explained below.
1) Oil for the wellness of your body
As we all know Oil is not good for your body. You may have heard this; most of the adults, teachers, or even friends may tell you that oil isn’t good, because it contains a lot of fat and no one would like to be fat. But this is wrong, everybody who told that oil is bad as mentioned before does not about what contains they must have just suggested because oil contains fat. Oil contains only a limited amount of fat which may be partially true to what everyone who said oil is bad for your body. So as this limited fat is not good for your body you also need it, so in order to consume the limited fat needed for your body eating small amounts of oily food is okay, but it doesn’t mean to eat oily food always for your wellness of the body.

2) For strong hair
I think most of you may have known that oil is good for your hair. Yes it is true your hair gets strengthened by applying oil. Nutrition is something we all need for our body, so as our body needs it our own hair need nutrition, so in order to give the nutrition needed for your hair applying of oil is the best and the smartest way for it being natural, and you would be able to have the strong and a beautiful hair you have ever dreamed of.
3) To maintain the wetness of your skin
Guessing, most of you must have not known than oil is a good remedy for your skin as it’s a good remedy for your hair. Most of us men and women (mostly women) spend most of the time of the day in the Spa in order to maintain our beauty and also sometimes for the wetness of our skin, you may also be applies different kinds of natural oils and creams too. So without spending money on fancy natural creams oil is the best remedy in order to maintain the wetness of your skin.

4) For food digestion
So as most people we like eating different kind of foods and desserts, in order to taste them enjoy eating it. So when we eat something digestion food is a process that happens in every living thing. Sometimes you may feel very when uncomfortable when the process of food digestion is been done, this is because of lack of oil in the foods you eat. So as a solution adding oil to your food is a good way to reduce the uncomfortableness, because the oil makes the digestion faster and easier.

5) In order to make you thin
So as mentioned first, as anybody would say oil would make you fat, but hearing this may make you a bit surprised or so. So how does coconut oil make you thin, you might be guessing, it’s due to the coconut oil which has the ability to control your hunger so you would not go hungry easily and you would not need to eat all the time. So this would not only think but would be a help to get a slim body the way you would like.


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Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil 858g
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Organic Coconut Oil for Hair Made from 100% Pure Coconuts, Perfect Coconut Oil for Skin, Hair and Face – 500 Gram Tub

Coconut oil stimulates hair growth by penetrating deep into the hair follicle and cortex, the coconut oil is then able to bind the proteins making it healthier and less prone to damage
Rubbing coconut oil into the scalp and hair moisturises, improves blood flow and reduces dandruff allowing the scalp to breathe whilst increasing the vital flow of oxygen to the scalp and hair strand
High in essential vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin K and iron crucial for the body to be able to produce new hair follicles. These vitamins and minerals have the combined effect of increasing blood flow to the capillaries as well as providing strength to hair proteins

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100% pure, refined Coconut Oil, certified organic by the Soil Association.
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An excellent moisturiser for skin and hair. Keeps skin soft and supple without leaving the skin too greasy.

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