The UK’s only Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Soap For Sensitive Skin, 100g Bar

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🥥 THE WORLD’S PUREST COCONUT SOAP – consists solely of all-natural, coconut-derived Sodium Cocoate and essential oil of lavender.
🌱 MADE FROM 100% ORGANIC, RAW, VIRGIN AND COLD PRESSED COCONUT OIL — Organic Food Chain (O.F.C) & EU Organic Certified. Consistent & Reliable Single Origin Coconut Oil: Produced on the Gazelle Peninsula on the Island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Not refined, deodorized or bleached, No preservatives, No perfumes, No colourings, No palm oil, Unhydrogenated
🖐️ HANDMADE & HAND-PACKAGED— Harvested wild by local farmers, who are paid above “Fair Trade” prices. Environmentally Responsible (no plantations) & Cruelty Free (no monkeys for picking)


Our everyday soap range is deep cleansing with a luxurious lather. It is handmade, using a traditional boiled method. A pure soap made with the same 100% certified organic virgin coconut oil, that we supply in the glass kilner jars – and we are proud to say is regarded by many as the premium oil on the market. We then add the purest and best ingredients – including essential oils, not any cheap fragrences! Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, as they have spiritual, emotional and healing properties. Our soaps are also free of any artificial colourings and perfumes. The saponification process converts the coconut oil to coconut soap and naturally occuring glycerine, which is retained in the soap, at about 12%. Glycerin is the perfect natural emollient, which softens and smooths the skin. So it is a thorough cleanser that is also gentle on your skin. How does it differ from others? Well, most processed soaps including “vegetable oil” soaps and those made from animal fats, have the glycerine removed which is sold as a valuable chemical by-product for use in other cosmetics. But they also need to be preserved with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) – but as our process is handmade, we do no In recent years, the popularity of shower gel has become significant. So why would I use a traditional soap? Our ingredient listing of Niugini Organics soaps: COCONUT OIL, RAINWATER, LYE, ESSENTIAL OIL (Coconut oil and Lye (NaOH) transform completely during the saponofication process to produce soap and glycerine)

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