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Discover Secrets of Coconut Oil and Improve Your Health, Fitness and Fat Burning Potential

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For sixty years, coconut oil has been underappreciated and was given a false image by the so-called “experts.” But if you will look closely, findings about it using the most sophisticated technology of today suggests that coconut oil is far from being the culprit for obesity, diabetes, and other diseases to which it has been associated with. Note that coconut oil has just been banned in the United States. For the rest of the world, especially in the Pacific Islands where coconut trees are growing freely and no ban has been imposed, people remained healthy as ever. For those who turned their backs against coconut oil, all the health problems persisted.

Unleash the magic of coconut oil. Discover its healing effects. It’s all in this book. Enjoy and have a healthy life ahead of you!


  • Truth be told, many countries along the tropics still use coconut oil for their daily household needs– and with good reason. You’d be surprised that they appear a lot healthier thanthe average American who veers away from coconut oil’s saturated fat.
  • In the Islands along the Pacific, majority of the cooking oil used are from the coconut. Thirty to sixty percent of the calorie intake for saturated coconut oil is from coconut oil. Interestingly, cases of cardiovascular diseases are almost non-existent in those areas, according to studies.
  • Monolaurin which is found in coconut oil is a kind of lipid that is found to actually fight herpes, HIV, influenza virus, measles, protozoa, and other various pathogenic bacteria.
  • Coconut oil also helps minimize the number of calories entering. You won’t feel much urge to eat if you are using coconut oil.
  • Coconut oil can be used for anything and everything. Coconut oil is not just an amazing kind of oil. Truth be told, it is the oil of life.
  • Medium chain fatty acids – these are the primary composition of coconut oil. Instead of being stuffed into your belly as stored fats, these medium chain fatty acids are sent to the liver to be converted directly to energy.

Coconut oil, while it is a fat itself, can help you lose your unwanted weight. It is the key to the elimination of the most dangerous fats that are deposited in the abdominal cavity.

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