Mint: Discover The Powerful Natural Healing Properties, Beauty Remedies, And Easy Recipes From This Incredible Herb (Mint, Natural Remedies, Organic, Herbal Medicine)

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Mint, Natural Remedies, Organic, Herbal Medicine

Mint – Learn the Incredible Healing Properties Of This Extremely Helpful Herb

Sharp, refreshing and sweetening, mint has been recognized for many hundreds of years as having a revitalizing effect. In ancient Rome, Pliny recommended that students should wear a garland of mint to “exhilarate their minds” and the herb has a long-standing link with mental stimulation.

In medieval Europe the plant was one of many that was used to clean, amongst other things, teeth. Medical and cosmetic uses have, in fact, been widespread across the ages and science has subsequently proved that the many and varied uses of mint have a strong basis in fact.

Mint is very easy to grow – it can be hard to control – which makes it the perfect home grown cosmetic and remedy for anybody, whatever the size of garden (or lack of it) you have. In this book we’ll look at the main uses of mint and it’s incredible healing benefits!

Here Is A Sneak Peak Of What You Will Learn

  • The History Of Mint
  • How To Grow Mint
  • Mint As A Healing Herb
  • Cleaning With Mint
  • Mint Medicines
  • Skin Care And Salves With Mint
  • And Much Much More!
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