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Kale Chips: A 3 ingredient 5 minute recipe to help you lose the next 5 pounds without starving yourself

Kale Chips
What’s so awesome about Kale Chips? My sister is the world’s most conveour of chips and mac and cheese and even SHE loves kale chips. It tantlizes even the pickiest taste bud.
You can eat 5 trays of it and it’s super healthy for you aka no guilt about eating 5 trays of kale chips while watching harry potter or whatever.
As many bunches of kale you want, either in a tub if you’re lazy or tear into pieces if you’re an over-achiever
Pink salt
Olive Oil / coconut oil

Bonus: Nutritional B12 flakes (find em’ in bulk) for a cheesy flavor + a mood boost!

Turn oven on to 350. Coat kale in oil so the leaves are glazed. Drizzle salt. Pop in oven for 5-10 mintues or until CRISP. I like to flip them over with a spatula after a few minutes to ensure maximum crisp.

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