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Eat Honey Mixed With Coconut Oil Every Morning, THIS Will Happen To Your Body!

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For health conscious individuals, honey and coconut oil have long be used for their health promoting abilities and medicinal properties. Both foods have great healing benefits for our bodies, as well as unique and potent compounds. Even more, when combined and consumed together, these health benefits are enhanced, making this mixture incredibly beneficial for our overall health. Lets discuss some reasons why you may want to consume honey and coconut oil consistently.

1. First, honey mixed with coconut oil can help to improve our overall heart health a number of different ways. Coconut oil is especially helpful in lowering the risks of heart disease and reducing high blood pressure. The natural saturated fats in coconut oil can help to lower “bad” LDL cholesterol, while also increasing good HDL cholesterol. It can also benefit the heart by lowering high triglyceride levels. Honey is also very heart healthy. Its unique and powerful antioxidant compounds have been shown to lower blood pressure while also reducing both total and LDL cholesterol levels. Like coconut oil, it can also significantly raise HDL cholesterol while reducing heart disease risk factors.

2. This mixture is also an incredible antioxidant powerhouse, and is loaded with many different types of health promoting antioxidants. Studies have shown that regular consumption of raw honey can raise antioxidants in the body, promoting of overall health. Honey contains powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols as well as flavonoids such as pinocembrin. Coconut oil is also incredibly rich in antioxidants, especially organic virgin varieties. This allows honey and coconut oil to treat arthritis symptoms and help reduce inflammation through out the entire body.

3. Consuming honey and coconut oil can also help to boost and increase energy naturally. Raw honey is a great source of natural sugars as well as water, which is important for hydration. Honey provides our bodies with an easily absorbed supply of energy which comes in the form of liver glycogen. In fact, honey is so beneficial for its energy boosting properties, research has shown that it is one of the best carbohydrate choices before performing exercise. It also contains energy boosting nutrients as well. Coconut oil can also improve energy and endurance. It is easy to digest and can be used directly by the liver and converted into energy quickly.

4. This mixture also has tremendous healing and antibacterial effects for our bodies. Honey has been used to treat minor wounds and burns. These incredible healing powers of raw honey come from its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, which allows it to heal and nourish tissue. Coconut oil is also well known for its amazing antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties. As well, it contain lauric acid, which can help reduce candida and bad bacteria. These qualities of honey and coconut oil make it helpful with fighting fungi, viruses and other toxins in the body while also boosting our immunity.

5. Lastly, consuming a mixture of raw honey and coconut oil can help to promote healthy weight management, and even weight loss. Research suggests that using honey instead of sugar can help lower blood sugar and even help lower serum triglyceride levels. As well, raw honey has been found to activate hormones which can help suppress appetite and prevent overeating. Coconut oil can also help with weight management. It can help promote proper and healthy thyroid function as well as increase the body’s metabolic rate, allowing us to burn more calories throughout the day. Just be sure to consume this mixture in moderation.

You can make this mixture at home quite easily. Just add 1 teaspoon of raw honey and combine it with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. A little bit of each ingredient will go a long way in promoting your overall health, especially if you are consuming it regularly.

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