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Coconut Oil and Weight Loss | The Coconut Oil Blueprint For Fat Loss

Coconut oil and weight loss are two things that go together perfectly! Many people are scared to try coconut oil thinking that it won’t taste good, or that they won’t see any benefits – so i wanted to put this video together and share with you all my results with coconut oil and weight loss.

Coconut oil is a special form of fat known as an MCT – or a medium chain triglyceride. This special form of fat is not stored in your body as fat, but rather used as en energy source.

This means that when you consume coconut oil in place of olive oil or butter you will not pack on any excess fat, AND you will increase your energy levels.

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Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil 858g

Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil 858g
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Organic Coconut Oil for Hair Made from 100% Pure Coconuts, Perfect Coconut Oil for Skin, Hair and Face – 500 Gram Tub

Coconut oil stimulates hair growth by penetrating deep into the hair follicle and cortex, the coconut oil is then able to bind the proteins making it healthier and less prone to damage
Rubbing coconut oil into the scalp and hair moisturises, improves blood flow and reduces dandruff allowing the scalp to breathe whilst increasing the vital flow of oxygen to the scalp and hair strand
High in essential vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin K and iron crucial for the body to be able to produce new hair follicles. These vitamins and minerals have the combined effect of increasing blood flow to the capillaries as well as providing strength to hair proteins

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Naissance Refined Coconut Oil 500g Certified Organic 100% Pure

100% pure, refined Coconut Oil, certified organic by the Soil Association.
Rich in essential saturated fatty acids and Vitamin E.
An excellent moisturiser for skin and hair. Keeps skin soft and supple without leaving the skin too greasy.

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